Which Villa?

For most people, finding good accommodation in Ubud, Bali generally means staying at a villa. And there are literally hundreds of villas to choose from. So how does one choose? Well the answer depends upon a number of factors. Is the villa for a family or a couple. Maybe its just for a few friends to get together and have some fun. Or maybe you just want to be by yourself for a while.

Total Privacy or Just Enough Privacy?Breakfast Selection

Let’s face it, no one wants to go on holidays and be faced with making the beds, or tidying up. And who wants to get up and make breakfast? Wouldn’t it be grand to let someone know that when you wake up, you would like a good coffee, with poached eggs on toast and local fruit for breakfast. And ideally, after having a wonderful breakfast, your valet then goes and makes the beds, tidies up the room, cleans the pool and then at your request leaves you alone to do whatever you want.

Then again, you may not want breakfast or your bed made up. You just want to stay in a very peaceful place – either alone or with a partner or friends or family. In total comfort and in total serenity.

Amenities and Value

A pool is very standard item in villas these days. So too is free wifi and satellite TV. We need to be in touch with family and friends at all times. And we need to know what our favourite TV drama is up to. Even on holidays. Well some of do at least!

But a good villa would also include a place where you can relax and just sit and enjoy the view. Like a rice paddy viewing room. Or provide specialist massages right in your own villa.

And what if this villa was to achieve top vacation rental  as well as being rated Excellent in FlipKey, (Tripadvisor) and yet cost about US$25 per person based on a four person stay. I would say that is good value.

Accommodation in Ubud, Bali – Choosing the Right Villa

Accommodation in Ubud, Bali - Choosing the Right Villa
Accommodation in Ubud, Bali – Choosing the Right Villa

Villa Romantica is just one place that fits all the above criteria. Villa Romantica is a beautiful 2 bedroom villa, which is set amongst romantic rice fields in the cultural centre of Ubud, Bali. The villa accommodates 2 separate queen sized bedrooms, each with separate en-suites.  There is a separate media room and two day beds, therefore this allows guests to just chill out if they prefer. However, in order to cater for families, one of the bedrooms can be also configured with two single beds. Cots can also be provided for younger children.

One of the unique features of Villa Romantica is the separate rice paddy viewing area. Elevated from the main floor plan with expansive views overlooking the rice fields. Read a book or listen to music.  Have your favourite drink. Or have one of the masseurs from the nearby Spa give you a relaxing massage whilst you gaze out over tranquil rice fields.

Only US$107 per night for 4 people or US$672 for 4 people for a week. This includes breakfast; a valet to make up your beds and clean the villa; your very own secluded pool; viewing room and media room.

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