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Cultural Centre of Ubud | Information and villa design

Cultural Centre of Ubud

Villa Romantica, nestled in the quaint village of Penestanan, is just 1 kilometre from the cultural centre of Ubud. Many visitors come to the colourful city of Ubud to enjoy the festivals, the local art and the food. It is a mixture of old customs with new and old art. Historic Penestanan is surrounded by beautiful terraced rice-fields, and is the home of hundreds of painters and bead-workers who live and work in their traditional walled family compounds.

Designed to blend in with its surrounds, Villa Romantica allows you to fully absorb all of the traditional atmosphere of the surrounding village. The Villa is totally private. High walls surround it – not because the area is unsafe – far from it. We know that people who come to stay in our Villa sometimes prefer to relax in total seclusion. No one can look in, so you are totally free to do whatever you fancy. In reason of course!

A dedicated local will organise a Balinese breakfast for you daily. Should you wish for a more western style breakfast, please ask and we will happily arrange it. The Villa also has its own washing machine, and cooking facilities. Our plan is to make your stay as carefree as possible, so that you can totally relax and take in the beauty that Bali and in particular, the cultural centre of Ubud, has to offer.

Design Considerations – Villa Romantica

Our desire at Villa Romantica was to design and build a villa that people would feel as comfortable in as their own home. Right from the start, we wanted to blend the beauty of Bali with comfort and luxury. The viewing room is perfect for guests to relax, read a book or listen to music while having a quiet drink overlooking the beauty of the rice fields.

Cultural Centre of Ubud | Information and villa design
Balinese daybed – relax in total seclusion!

We have taken great care in selecting the sheets, towels, pillows etc, to provide luxury and comfort. We hope we have achieved our goals. However, it is important that our goals are measured by our clients.

Design Considerations

The Villa

Wayan – Your Valet

Your Valet is Wayan.

Wayan will service your villa daily. He also looks after your pool and garden. If you want some privacy, please let Wayan know. There is an internal lock on the door (with a wooden bolt), which you can use.


Wayan will come in to the Villa in the morning and prepare your breakfast. Tropical breakfasts are provided daily. This includes a fruit salad, and an egg, (scrambled, fried or omelette) toast and spreads and tea or coffee. No other meals are provided but the kitchen is fully equipped. Feel free to cook and Wayan will clean up any dishes.


Water (AQUA), tea, coffee, and sugar are all provided – use as much as you like. Ice in the freezer is made from AQUA and so is clean and usable. If you would like to bring coffee beans, the villa has a grinder and a plunger to make “real” coffee.

Other Considerations


The sheets are washed every third day and towels washed daily.


We can arrange to have a babysitter provided for a small fee should you wish to avail yourself of these services. Please discuss with Wayan.

Personal Laundry

There is an automatic washing machine in the laundry at the back of the villa. You can do personal laundry there or you can give the laundry to the Komang to take to the local Laundromat. It is cheap, and quite good and has a 24 hour to 48 hour turn around.


For security, make sure that the main entrance gate is locked when you leave and at night.

Safe Box

Villa Romantica has a Safe Deposit Box. The safe is located in the walk in wardrobe in the second bedroom of the villa.

Safety Considerations

Villa Romantica has been built to provide optimum convenience and pleasure for all of our guests. The pool and the Rice Viewing Area are generic to that endeavour. As such, care must be exercised when young children are around. The pool is not fenced, nor is the Rice Viewing Area. Parents and guardians are warned to keep a close eye on children or those that cannot swim. Villa Romantica takes no responsibility for any injury caused by falling into the pool.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

We’ve compiled a list of answers to common questions. If the answers are not here, please feel free to contact us at

Thank you

Where should exchange currency in Bali?

There are quite a few money exchangers in Bali, but please ensure you go to accredited establishments. They should not charge commission and they will give you a receipt.  The better establishments have security guards at the front for you added safety. Exchange rates vary, so be sure to look around.

How can I get from Bali Airport to Villa Romantica?

You can either grab a taxi at the airport. You would need to go to the taxi stand and let them know the address and pay up front. Alternatively you can contact us and we will arrange for someone to meet you at the airport and take you to the Villa.

See Map


Do we need a car in Ubud?

Bali and Ubud is very congested with cars, trucks and a plethora of motor bikes. It would be far safer – and not that more expensive – to hire a car and a driver for the day.Shop around to get the best price. Remember – an international licence is required to drive in Bali.  Motor Bikes can also be hired and are quite cheap. However, be careful. The cost of having an accident in Bali can be quite high if people are injured.

Are there good restaurants in Ubud?

Actually, there are some very good restaurants in Ubud and not too far from Villa Romantica. Please look at the information page by using the button below for more information.

Dining Options
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